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The following is a summary of a daily beach oiling report issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). We will endeavour to publish this summary each day the FDEP issues such a report. While the media and public believe that the effects of BP’s Deepwater Horizon Blowout and Oil Spill have been largely eradicated, this data suggests otherwise.

It is important to note that these reports of daily oil discoveries come at a time when BP is attempting to renege on its oft-stated “Commitment to the Gulf.” The company is repudiating the Contract it made with area businesses and individuals that compensates them for economic losses associated with BP’s spill.

Now BP claims that it is the victim. You be the judge.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Oiling Report December 31, 2013

Today FDEP personnel conducted post-response monitoring surveys along parts of Escambia County, Florida beaches.

Numerous Surface Residue Balls (SRBs) were found throughout the area. A significant amount was collected during the first 20 meters surveyed, and it was immediately clear that there were too many SRBs to fully mitigate. The team continued into other parts of the beach and found similar levels of oiling. As such, the team met with United States Coast Guard personnel in the field later that morning. The USCG decided to deploy an oil spill response team to clean the area.

As a result of today’s activities, 42 lbs of Deepwater Horizon oil product was removed from the beach. See below for an image of some of the collected oil.

Portion of BP Oil collected December 31, 2013. Escambia County, Florida beach.
Portion of BP Oil collected December 31, 2013. Escambia County, Florida beach. These hardened balls are often filled with deadly, flesh-eating bacteria. Do not handle without protective gloves.



  1. Gravatar for Lance

    They need to look at the barrier islands off of Pascagoula. It is ridiculous out there. You can't get to the beach without walking through an oil slick and tar balls are everywhere. Clear lack of oversight / interest in restoring the shoreline.

  2. Gravatar for Al Cella

    This is absolutely disgraceful. I've had the pleasure of visiting this country's beaches...from every coast...North, South, and West...including Alaska and Hawaii. The beaches in the Gulf Coast....from Panama City FL over to Alabama are without question my favorite of all. The beautiful Emerald Green color...the sugar soft white sand.. To me, these were among the prettiest beaches in all of North America. BP should be RELENTLESS in their pursuits to repair them, and to the people and businesses who have lost their revenue because of BP's ignorance. I cannot think of anything that irritates me more than this oil spill; it is unforgivable.

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