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White House Petition: BP, stand by the Gulf of Mexico


It has been nearly four years since BP’s negligence resulted in the worst environmental disaster in global history, the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon which killed eleven men and destroyed large parts of the Gulf of Mexico and the economy that depends on it.

Just weeks after the oil spill, President Obama met with BP officials at The White House where he was assured by BP’s Chairman, Carl-Henric Svanberg, that the company would make things right, doing all that was required to mitigate the environmental damage and compensate those affected, which Mr. Svanberg referred to as “the small people.”

After the meeting, President Obama issued a statement saying:

“The people of the Gulf have my commitment that BP will meet its obligations to them. BP has publicly pledged to make good on the claims that it owes to the people in the Gulf.”

Almost four years later, BP has failed in its commitment and has not followed through with its obligations to the people and environment of the Gulf of Mexico.

The company now claims that it is the victim and the “small people” are the problem as they seek restitution for economic losses resulting from BP’s negligence. BP agreed in a 1,200 page written contract to compensate these “small people,” but now the company wishes to renege upon this commitment.

Please let President Obama know that BP no longer cares about the “small people” by signing our whitehouse.gov petition at this URL http://wh.gov/lRHk8, or by clicking on the image below.

White House BP Petition


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  1. Eyeswideopen says:
    up arrow

    Sorry I may have overstated the numbers. Can someone confirm the Seafood Settlement is on top of the estimated 9.8 billion. The stats include the seafood claims and I believe we must exclude them from the dismal performance of the claim process.

    If in fact it’s a separate settlement to accurately reflect we must subtract those numbers from above.

    Seafood claims filed table 2 – 25,002
    Seafood payments made table 5 7,512 For a total of -$1,072,365.10

    Reducing the total payments for all others to.
    $ 2,773,482.92 that’s about 1/4 of what was estimated.

  2. Eyeswideopen says:
    up arrow

    Dennis, please don’t muddy the water BP already did a great job of that. This is about the settlement and the victims being denied and delayed…………

    Here are the facts supported by todays stats.


    Currently 268,178 Claims filed table 2.
    Currently 55,715 Payments made table 5.

    For a total of $ 3,845,848.02 that about 1/3 of what BP estimated to an uncapped settlement they lobbied for and agreed to.

  3. Dennis Bradley says:
    up arrow

    Over 11 Billion dollars already paid out to bisinesses and indivuduals.

  4. Digger Earles says:
    up arrow

    President Obama, BP has turned its back on the people of the gulf States as well as on the deal they made to try and bring us back. please do not let them get away with it.

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