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Judges Call BP’s Arguments “Nonsensical”

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In last week’s ruling against BP by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, the panel’s majority had this to say about the company’s legal argument:

“Indeed, the reason that BP has identified no [legal] authority for this proposition is that it is nonsensical.” – Judge W. Eugene Davis

Of course, no one should expect BP to see things that way, as the company seems to perpetually operate in Seinfeld’s Bizzaro World. So it comes as no surprise that BP spokesperson Geoff Morrell told Reuters in an article posted today that the company will continue to fight, with apparent disregard for the facts.

“The litigation seeking to rectify the misinterpretations of the settlement that have led to inflated, exaggerated or wholly fictitious claims … will continue unabated,” BP spokesman Geoff Morrell said.

“Continue unabated.” Beautiful Geoff.

Now I understand that one man’s “inflated, exaggerated or wholly fictitious claim” can be another man’s “reasonable, sensible, and wholly legitimate claim,” but the judges have spoken. BP’s position has been rejected. It’s time to take the medicine. BP cannot have its cake and eat it too.

I would love to invite Mr. Morrell, BP’s management and legal counsel down to meet a client of mine who is filing bankruptcy today because of BP’s machinations, delays, and deception. This gentleman runs a travel related business that caters to Gulf area tourists. One would be hard pressed to find anything “inflated, exaggerated or wholly fictitious” about this client’s claim.

While BP and its tens of billions of dollars and legions of lawyers can afford to play games with impunity, there are consequences in the real world for real people. The company should be ashamed for failing in its commitment to the Gulf.

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  1. Kim Lirette says:
    up arrow

    Sure would like to invite them to my place to show them the fuckup they made. Been trying to get them asshole to come deckhand to see if we making a living now. BP nothing but trouble and lies that is there name in my book !!!!

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